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EFT – Tapping

The greatest minds of our times in many different fields of study are rapidly reaching an agreement that EVERYTHING is energy. Therefore energy affects everything. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, allows us to rewire our neural pathways and balance our energy systems to achieve joy and freedom.

Our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body. There are core emotional patterns that are now recognized to have a fundamental causative role in many (all?) diseases, from cancer to autoimmune diseases, chronic pain to addictions. Chronic stress and anxiety have a detrimental affect on our energy fields and physical body. We really are what we think and feel.

Over time these “energy pathways” or meridians may become blocked. Or a particular stressful event that isn’t properly processed gets “hardwired” into our energy field. This can cause us to get locked into emotional patterns (chronic stress/anger/anxiety/depression,etc); or to develop physical symptoms of pain/discomfort/disease.

EFT is a fairly simple technique that enables us to literally “tap-in” to our energy fields by tapping along our meridians or energy points in our body. While tapping, we focus in on a particular physical problem/emotion/event and release it. The energy pathways get “re-wired” to flow smoothly and old patterns are released. Patients are frequently amazed at how in a short space of time problems that have been with them for years, even decades, can be resolved.

Research and proof:
EFT is now being acknowledged as an “evidence based” medicine. Many successful trials have been done on conditions such as PTSD, pain, depression, anxiety, cravings, addictions, etc.

EFT is being trialed by large organizations such as the British National Health Service with the hope that tapping will soon be used regularly in hospitals, especially in trauma situations.

EFT is also being used in schools, helping children cope better with all emotions and in particular exam stress, bullying, self-worth issues, etc. This is an area that is of particular interest to me and very close to my heart. Imagine if we can help our children to release stress, fear, trauma, etc as an incident occurs, so that they don’t become trapped/defined/damaged by it? How many of us have shut down parts of ourselves over the years due to hurtful/traumatic events or sometimes even off-hand comments by others? If we can teach our children to process these emotions and release them, then their energy can continue to flow unhindered and they can lead lives of joy, abundance and freedom.

Almost all of us have “emotional baggage”: old wounds, pain, grudges, insecurities, anger, grief…these can all benefit from EFT.

In addition, EFT can be used to help identify and release what is holding us back from reaching our full potential in our lives; to improve our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones and simply to become free.

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